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July 2, 2007

Screening Gotham: Connecticut Ready For Its Close-Up

Also: Why does The New Yorker smell like a stable?; Scorsese's visits Lincoln Center

Flying Through Life

Reeler Flashback: Confessions director Jennifer Fox on the epic "candy" of her six-hour doc

July 3, 2007

Rescue Me: ReelerTV Returns!

New show catches up with Dawn co-star Zahn, recaps news and reviews from week in NYC

Rescue Me: ReelerTV Returns!

New show catches up with Dawn co-star Zahn, recaps news and reviews from week in NYC

A Cuts Above

Inaugural Japan Cuts festival brings filmmakers, premieres and a famous turtle to NYC


Michael Bay blows a sure thing with a Transformers surprisingly bereft of Transformers

Teasing Sidney: New Lumet Clips Surface

Hoffman, Hawke, Finney and Tomei go noir in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Weinsteins and Woody Follow the Money

Existential crises grip city as NYC icons chase cash in Barcelona, Botswana

July 4, 2007

Hell's a Poppin'

NYAFF hosts rare Pakistani horror showcase, including country's first splatter flick

July 5, 2007

Joshua Comes Home to Upper East Side

Star Farmiga, director Ratliff return for one last battle with pint-sized terror

Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman

Jennifer Fox's freedom isn't free in six-hour travelogue, dialogue and memoir-mentary

Screening Gotham: No New Ideas Edition

Inside: Sex and the CIty finally coming to theaters; Die Hard a gauge of Oval Office?


Polished but hollow horror tale succumbs to all ambiguity, all the time

Rescue Dawn

Herzog's retelling of Dengler story conjures a moving if mixed surge of emotions

July 6, 2007

George Ratliff, Back in the Day

As film opens in NYC, revisiting Joshua director's first time in Park City

Introducing Herself

Dwights' Brenda Blethyn joins the classic tradition of screen-mother freakouts

Screening Gotham: All-Positive Friday!

Inside: World confused, ecstatic over Cloverfield; Bollywood, gay porn save Queens theater

Ang Lee Channels Wong Kar-wai, Much Swooning Ensues

New Lust, Caution one-sheet evokes romantic, noun-a-riffic period mystery

Antonioni Hears Manhattan

A must-read survey of a symphony called The City

1990 All Over Again: Ferrara to Lincoln Center

Director to attend and discuss YFF screening of King of New York

July 9, 2007

Talking the Talk

Is the biopic over? Talk to Me's Don Cheadle on life, liberties and pursuing a hero

Screening Gotham: AFI Coda: Fans Take Back the Vote

Also: Nice Bombs on the way to NYC; shit treatment continues for Marilyn Monroe

The Academy Would Like to Thank Amadeus

Forman, Abraham, Hulce and others to pay visit to Oscar-friendly screening series

Factory Girl: The Legend Grows

What did Hickenlooper know, and when did he know it? Tell The Reeler and win valuable prizes!

July 11, 2007

ReelerTV: Steve Buscemi's Meta Moment

Interview director interviewed about interviews. Also: 1.18.08, NYC's own pot doc and a chat with IFC's Matt Singer

Steve Buscemi's Meta Moment

Interview director interviewed about interviews. Also: 1.18.08, NYC's own pot doc and a chat with IFC's Matt Singer

Screening Gotham: Mike Atkinson Gets Bloggish

Also: Who is your favorite recluse? And what the hell is this On the Lot?

Reeler Film Market: Fund a Documentary Today!

Critics or chronic? Filmmakers take to the Web with hats in hand

July 12, 2007

Letters From Gordon

Legendary cinematographer Willis on the theory and practice of Allen's Manhattan

"Horror 2.0" Invades Queens

Moving Image horror series gets interactive with Weiler's latest, Head Trauma

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Dramatically bloated and uneven, Potter the fifth impresses as a gothic visualization


Korean director Kim Ki-duk's latest puts the crazy back in crazy love

IFC Buys the Chocolate Factory

R. Kelly's misunderstood Trapped gains 10 new episodes and a friend in Evan Shapiro

Talk to Me

Silky biopic moves threaten to overshadow a bromance for the ages

Screening Gotham: The Hoberman Show

Also: Checking in with the man who dropped Nice Bombs; residuals panic sweeps industry


The hack and the actress square off in overplotted character drama

Black Hat, Bad Guy

Aldrich's daughter dishes on Vera Cruz, the art of the Western and firing Sergio Leone

July 13, 2007

The King and I

Ferrara joins Young Friends of Film for flashback to gangster epic King of New York

Screening Gotham: All-Positive Friday!

Inside: Sienna talks! Waxman moves! And the NYC tourism video to end all NYC tourism videos

Every Pixote Tells a Story

Babenco's 1981 slum shocker visits MoMA's Premiere Brazil! with new companion doc

July 14, 2007

Devil in the Details for ThinkFilm

New Lumet snagged in-house for an Oct. 17 release; is a fest premiere forthcoming?

July 15, 2007

Filling in the Blanks

Milos Forman on the persona-less personality of Goya’s Ghosts

July 16, 2007

Outdoor Series Carries a Tune

Celebrate Brooklyn screenings celebrate 10 years with silents, scores and Bollywood

11th Hour News: DiCaprio Doc to Lincoln Center

Schiller, Palminteri among others pegged for August appearances at the Walter Reade

Screening Gotham: How Soon is Mao?

Also: How Travolta met Edna; Felix auction draws international audience

I'm Not There Sorta There

Another Weinstein Co. "inside job" hits the Web; can actual movie be far behind?

July 17, 2007

Rural Route Winds Back to NYC

Touring fest goes international, spotlighting fairies, turkeys and everything in between

Screening Gotham: From Cloverfield to Coney Island

Also: Latest Manhattan preview may be greatest; Lake of Fire shocker in Page Six

July 18, 2007

Reeler on the Street!

This week's episode of ReelerTV is coming from the streets -- well, part of...

ReelerTV: Reeler on the Street!

Catching up with NYC filmgoers at the midsummer mark; also, the latest on Leo and hanging out In the Lobby with Karina Longworth


Poised between dated camp and engrossing melodrama, Metropolis still demands attention


Cashback's inner Sundance comedy lost behind bathetic blather and aisle six T&A


Few rays of light in Boyle's pseudo-sci-fi, cliché mash-up

Screening Gotham: Anne Hathaway Makes a Funny

Also: Jamie Stuart's new short crashes to Earth; Baumbach joins Opie's stable


A light touch and heartfelt conviction should woo-woo all but the brashest of cynics

What I Learned at Summercamp!

New doc gets honest with an American rite of passage

July 19, 2007

Adam Sandler is Nice. And a Hard Worker.

And other red carpet revelations as Chuck and Larry bows in NYC

High-Profile Slate Marks NYAAIFF's 30th

Gina Kim, Justin Lin and others showcased in oldest Asian American fest in US

Danny Boyle, Lost in Space

Sunshine director weighs in on optimism, science and a few really good deaths

July 20, 2007

Thoughts on the Chicago Fire

Who really loses in the war between critics and studios?

Screening Gotham: All-Positive Friday!

Inside: Errol Morris blogs photography for NYT; Gotham Awards Brooklyn-bound

Vote ReelerTV!

Back up your favorite online TV show in its bid for world conquest (or at least a theatrical screening)

July 23, 2007

Norman Mailer, Bold Amateur

The author's restless cinema earns a showcase (and some reflection) in NYC

Latino Film Fest Offers Grand Tour

From J-Lo to Castro, fast-growing festival goes far and wide for big stories, big names

Ferguson's Line of Sight

Policy expert-turned-filmmaker discusses his wrenching Iraq procedural No End in Sight

Screening Gotham: Late City Edition

Inside: Lee plays the spoiler; Hulk travels East

July 24, 2007

Hail the Dawn of Taste-O-Vision

Competitive eating doc unveils The Flavor Maneuver in wooing viewers to DVD

This Week: Pioneer Packs One-Two Punch

Award-winning student filmmakers and Sugar Curtain's theatrical premiere land in East Village

Ginsberg Would've Mourned Lohan if He Could

Trenchant reimagining of Howl conjured just in time for actress's latest bust

July 25, 2007

ReelerTV: NYC's Top Ten

The Reeler hits the red carpet, previews Norman Mailer Week and laments Lohan with Joshua Rothkopf

No End in Sight

Iraq documentary burns through the fog of war with some awful truths

Screening Gotham: Lindsay Lohan, Now Half-Off?

Also: Caouette goes to bat for another troubled son; NYM says Morris is no blogger

New York Noir Smokes Out Summer

Film Forum runs out the season with revisionist look at genre benchmarks

Online Video, Double Murderer

Online video and experimental cinema are made for each other. So why don't they work out?

Giving Devil its Due

Reeler Flashback: Following doc filmmakers from Sundance to Tribeca on Horseback

July 26, 2007

Indie Flavor, Green Focus at Animation Block Party

Four-day animation fest returns to venues in Brooklyn and East Village

The Fest That Wasn't There

NY Int. Independent Film and Video Fest still struggles with perception after 14 years

No Reservations - and Even Less Fuss

Hick's remake of Mostly Martha emerges as the year's anti-gourmand food film

This is England

A glorious collage of youth, hate and ideology in Thatcher's England

No Reservations

Mostly Martha remake's key ingredients get lost in translation

Screening Gotham: Kyle Smith's Soul Optioned, Sent Into Turnaround

Also: Re-restored Blade Runner en route to NYC; Japanese preems and new jobs abound

July 27, 2007

Candid Cameras

Annual Scanners video festival spotlights unflinching views of American sexuality

Screening Gotham: All-Positive Friday!

Inside: The honest truth about Blockbuster, outdoor screenings land on Times' radar

Scramble and Gamble: Pair of Indies Bust Out in NYC

Online vote-getter gets red-carpeted in Tribeca; Laura Smiles on Cinema Village

I'm Not There, Control to Film Forum

Lake of Fire, Turturro's Romance help round out surprisingly deep fall premiere slate

July 30, 2007

The Silent Treatment

New series reveals unflinchingly modern takes on silent-era New York

Screening Gotham: Ichaso Reveals His Inner Hack

Also: Wolcott sizes up Denby's dunce cap; a million ways to devastate NYC

Wherein I Mourn Ingmar Bergman

Site-hopping and eye-dabbing ensue as your humble author laments the Swedish great, dead at 89

July 31, 2007

Who Will Save the Talent?

The Reeler's triage tips for J. Lo, Jude, Robin and other flagging careers

I Guess the '60s Really Are Over

Michelangelo Antonioni, 1912-2007

Permit Me This

Second-guessing the conventional wisdom behind NYC's film permit controversy

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