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January 2, 2007

Top 10 of Top 10 Lists -- The Quiz

Guess whose praise was whose in 2006 -- win valuable prizes!

Screening Gotham: New Year, Same Roger

Also: The House Next Door turns one, Bill Condon turns red

Factory Seal Broken as Critics, Gossips Pile On

Dylan's lawyers not likely happy about their client's name and "abortion" uttered in same breath

January 3, 2007

Crafted From Memories

Art Fag City: Douglas's exhibition in Harlem recasts 1960s Cuba in disorienting contemporary dream

An Open Letter to James Rocchi

You may have missed the point, and at any rate, thanks so much for the links

Screening Gotham: Dance Dance Evolution

Also: Seitz of The Times, Finke of the Voice

January 4, 2007

Miss Potter

Life of children's lit legend gets the white-glove treatment in Noonan's return

Screening Gotham: Where's the Fox Diorama, Mommy?

Also: World Trade Center's unlikely influences, Lynch and Estevez's Breakfast Club redux

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Surrealist fable one of the most visually compelling films in recent memory

Altman Remembered at IFC Center

Retrospective comprises 27 films in 19 days, including rare work from '50s

Gosling and His Tuxedo Shirt En Route to SAG Awards

"News" flash: Mirren and Whitaker lead noms, NYC mostly shut out

Today in Top 10s: Armond Goes to War

White joins unofficial, uneasy (and probably unwanted) anti-hype alliance with The Reeler

This Week in Territorialism: Whose Tribeca is it Anyway?

Web domain contretemps small potatoes compared to what's happening by the river

January 5, 2007

Riding the Dark Horse

Don't forget about these worthy alternatives that Oscar hype threatens to leaves behind

Screening Gotham: All-Positive Edition!

Also: Stevens' Movie Club impresses, Scott's kids take the subway

Reeler-Moderated Critics Panel Coming to Makor

Don't miss Zacharek, Edelstein and Gleiberman sorting out the best and worst of '06

January 8, 2007

Alpha Male

Alpha Dog director Nick Cassavetes on voice, versatility and making Sharon Stone suffer

Screening Gotham: Caryn James Now Twice as Embarrassing

Also: Quote whores quantified, Dunst critically injured in rumor mill

Harvey Thrilled About Queen's Chances in Nicaragua

Could it be? Are the Weinsteins over Oscar?

Circling the City

Scorsese, DiCaprio and a cast of dozens lights up NY Film Critics Circle Awards

January 9, 2007

Screening Gotham: Sex, Death and Heroism Edition

Also: Blogging Jarmusch, snogging Armond

Diversity, History Key to NY Jewish Film Festival

Selections comprise work from 14 countries, including a world premiere from New York

The Wild Card

Gosling, Fleck and ThinkFilm boss Urman talk about Half Nelson's Oscar potential

January 10, 2007

Animator Green Hollers in NYC

Art Fag City: Excellent short-film triptych explores the paradox of life, death and experience

Sarris Down on Borat, Up with ... Sarris

Legendary critic stuns world with four original, never-before-released paragraphs

Screening Gotham: Heath and Michelle Have a Friend in Mr. Blackwell

Also: Fox mashes Little Miss Sunshine, Guatemala bashes up Apocalypto

Art House Update: ND/NF Deadline Extended

Imamura Retrospective comes to BAM while Strayhorn doc derailed downtown

Coming Soon: The World Sits on David Lynch

The filmmaker gets meditative with the Post, promises consumers Twin Peaks justice and halfway-decent furniture

January 11, 2007

He Did Do It: Suo Premieres Latest at Japan Society

Shall We Dance? auteur's first film in a decade exposes flawed Japanese judicial system

Screening Gotham: Nathan Lee Channels Lester Bangs

Also: NYDN summons Waitress, NBR awards full of piss and vinegar

"Treasure the Crackpots": Makor Critics Panel Explores the Future of Lists

Gleiberman: "Why even be a critic unless you're willing to go with your individual choices?"

January 12, 2007

Putting an Ace to the Name

Wilder's nasty glimpse at media circus gets timely revival at Film Forum

Alpha Dog

Cassavetes depicts true story as "edgy" orgy of snowballing stupidity

God Grew Tired of Us

Three of Sudan's "Lost Boys" reinterpret the American Dream in affecting doc

Tears of the Black Tiger

Campy melo-western Thais one on for genre dorks

Screening Gotham: All-Positive Friday!

Also: Factory Girl for perverts, Sundance shorts headed for iTunes

NY Magazine Unveils Sundance '07 Preview

Farmiga, Buscemi, Cassavetes among others featured in glance at local fest stories

January 15, 2007

'Dance Fever

The Reeler at Sundance: Sales kingpin John Sloss prepares his 2007 slate for the Park City marketplace

Screening Gotham: When Bollywood Came to Times Square

Also: Baldwin/Smithee collaboration coming to cable, Robert Wilson wants to shoot you

George Ratliff, Joshua

"I've submitted so many damn things to this festival and just never got in. I'm just grateful I finally get to go."

Mitch McCabe, To Whom it May Concern

"Certainly there could be the reaction, 'Oh, that's so self-absorbed.' But that's the whole point of the film, you know?"

Ray Tintori, Death to the Tinman

"I wasn't terribly interested in trying to recreate Oz from the 1930s movies; I just sort of wanted to deal with this world of evangelical mysticism."

The Sloss Factor

I'm not here to kiss John Sloss's ass, but only a masochist goes up against Cinetic's "propietary database"

Martha Colburn, Destiny Manifesto and Meet Me In Wichita

"My two new films really have much more to do with my interest in making animation as a kind of fictional documentary."

Nanobah Becker, Conversion

"I just want to go and enjoy it and encourage people to see my film."

January 16, 2007

Distributors Map the Market

The Reeler at Sundance: NYC buyers prepare to shop 'til they drop at most competitive fest ever

Getting Out the Checkbook

The Reeler is now soliciting advice for rookie buyer at Sundance

Reeling Back to Park City

A strong New York contingent pushes your humble author back to the frigid festival frontier

Obligatory Golden Globes Wrap-Up: Scorsese Wins, America Sleeps

Hooray for Hollywood, but thank God for earthquakes

Screening Gotham: Paul Greengrass' Unkindest Cut

Netflix coming to a stream near you, Ken Burns plans first-ever documentary directed from the grave

Aaron Augenblick, Golden Age

"I think it's something a lot of people think about; you're always wondering why Donald Duck doesn't wear pants but Mickey Mouse does."

Etienne Kallos, Doorman

"They gave me a thousand dollars, they gave me a video camera. I had two other people on my crew; the shooter was great, but had never shot anything before."

Cynthia Wade, Freeheld

"It was such a rapidly closing window; if I hadn't have shown up at that moment at that Freeholder meeting, then we wouldn't have had a film."

Dan Klores, Crazy Love

"I went to the premiere of Murderball and hugged the guys afterward, they did such a great job. I loved it. I don't worry about the competition."

Ian Olds, Bomb

"Maybe I'm obsessed with this used-up-places-on-the-edge-of-America in a certain way -- at least in my fiction stuff."

Sophie Barthes, Happiness

"I traveled a lot with the film, and it's funny how people can't deal with 'happiness' being an abstract thing -- putting it in a box was disturbing to some people."

Daniel Karslake, For the Bible Tells Me So

"People of faith are getting more and more activist and becoming more and more influential in government, and I had no interest in making a film that mocked that."

January 17, 2007

Waitress Comes to Work

The Reeler at Sundance: Producer Roiff discusses the late actress/director Adrienne Shelly's final project

Help is on the Way

Please be kind to our guest as I go to my snowy, star-studded death

Kid Gets in the Picture

Early deal place Bar-Lev's art prodigy doc under A&E's wing

Local Heroes Tell All

Everyone's talking as NYC filmmaker interviews get underway on The Reeler

January 18, 2007

Alex Weil, One Rat Short

"It wasn't my goal, but I have a feeling that New Yorkers who see this film will actually feel differently about rats from now on."

Alfredo de Villa, Adrift in Manhattan

"I noticed right away how this was a very special place because it didn't feel like the United States -- even though it was clearly a space in New York."

Caran Hartsfield, King

"Expectations? I just want to see the film finished."

Cherien Dabis, Make a Wish

"Are they going to ask questions? Or am I going to be standing there like, 'Please, somebody -- ask me a question'?"

David Kaplan, Year of the Fish

"At first I thought I could set it in ancient China, but then the idea of setting it in Chinatown was even more exciting -- and certainly more doable."

David Stenn, Girl 27

"I just didn't feel anyone could tell the story like I could, because I lived it. I was part of the story."

Gina Kim, Never Forever

"Vera Farmiga has this amazing, expressive face that is almost like a map of emotions on which you can travel -- you can explore her heart."


Restored print showcases Lynch's masterpiece in all its shadowy glory

Hal Hartley, Fay Grim

"Even now, when I contemplate a part three, the big question is whether the whole story will come back to Queens."

Screening Gotham: Waiting for Sundance to Come to New York

Also: Aitken gets chilly at MoMA, De Niro gets silly in GQ

Factory Mishap Leaves Mary-Kate Olsen Mortally Wounded

Slimmest Olsen twin reportedly furious over even slimmer role in Factory Girl

Shooting Spree: NYC Cameras Cover Sundance

A few talented colleagues are going to the videotape in Park City

January 19, 2007

The Italian

In his first feature, Kravchuk traces an orphan's Russian arc with unabashed sentiment

Doc Legacy, Independence Duly Noted as Sundance Launches

Redford, Morgen note festival's influence; inaugural New Frontier installation stuns and surprises

"Personal, Honest and Skinless": Breaking and Entering Premieres in New York

Minghella happy to get back to his low-key roots with Pollack and Binoche

Screening Park City: Sundance Channel Goes Flying

Also: Women filmmakers tallied from New York, Tom DiCillo gets technical

Screening Gotham: All-Positive Friday!

Inside: Pacino to assume Dali's stiff upper lip; film production soars in the city

"The Idea is to Take a Stand": Morgen Premieres Chicago 10

Filmmaker talks to The Reeler about his "organic" live-action/animated political doc

R. Luke DuBois, Play and Academy

"I think it's interesting how in every cultural medium we have in the United States, we have some kind of weird ranking system to try and figure out what's the best."

Paul Chan, 1st Light

"We've been working with the model of this window... I think it’s the 21st century, and perhaps we can think of something that's post-window."

Jake Paltrow, The Good Night

"I had three pictures I'd written that didn't happen. In the meantime, I was directing television and trying to get these movies made. It was difficult."

Marco Williams, Banished

"You look out the window and see the Confederate flag flying. Outside the chamber of commerce!"

Rory Kennedy, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

"It's not just looking back at Abu Ghraib, but also about looking forward ... We have a lot of policies in place right now that are arguably very encouraging of torture."

Craig Zobel, The Great World of Sound

"I wanted it to be like how weird it feels to have somebody say, 'Don't walk out of here and turn your back on your dream.' "

Loaded Weapons: Lough's Blood Opera Shocks Racquet Club

"No, fuck that. We're going to show it," says director after sold-out premiere

January 20, 2007

James C. Strouse, Grace is Gone

"It's not a film that's over and you say, 'Oh, I understand. The war is bad.' I tried to let it be as complicated and troubling as possible."

Amir Bar-Lev, My Kid Could Paint That

"Part of what the film is about is being able to draw your own conclusions rather than throwing your hands up in the air and saying, 'It all looks the same to me.' "

Jason Kohn, Manda Bala

"This is one of those movies, you know, I sold my car to make. All that typical bullshit, you know?"

Zoe Cassavetes, Broken English

"Everyone feels ashamed, hopeful, ambitious to some level, so even though it has the glamour of New York, people everywhere will get it."

Justin Theroux, Dedication

"If someone as much as crosses their legs you break into a flop sweat. With every frame there's just this anxiety I've never experienced before."

Angels in Our Midst

David Gordon Green's first film in the North has festivalgoers talking

Delirious Hype Terrorizes Hot Blog Readership

Did David Poland and I see the same shitty movie?

January 21, 2007

Bé Garrett, A Nick in Time

"I'm realizing that this thing is a lot bigger than I ever thought it was. And it's starting to feel pretty cool."

Tze Chun, Windowbreaker

It feels great, obviously, but it took a long time to get to this point. I think I probably submitted about six shorts before I got in.

Christopher Zalla, Padre Nuestro

"That's what essential New Yorkers are -- they're outsiders who have come here to chase something."

Jennifer Fox, Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman

"It created a horizontal dialogue and kind of flipped the power balance... They just start grabbing the camera, and the dynamic totally changed."

Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg, The Devil Came on Horseback

"It’s not a history lesson; it's about a man who found himself a witness to something he never anticipated."

Broken Hearted: Posey Looks Inward After Premiere

"I think we live in cheap times," actress tells The Reeler

NYC Films Go Fast in Weekend Sales

Crazy Love and Grace is Gone off the market; is Joshua next?

Sundance Kid

Powerful art doc premieres to festival raves -- and plenty of questions

January 22, 2007

"Night and Day and In My Dreams"

Oscar front-runner Forest Whitaker Honored at Lincoln Center

Joshua in the Searchlight

$4 million deal puts young New York terror in theaters worldwide

Screening Gotham: Weinsteins on Fast Track to Another Flop

Also: Marty hearts Oscar, Departed to be a trilogy?

Idiocracy Big in Brooklyn, Japan?

By Michelle Orange, Reeler reviews editor Mike Judge's Idiocracy came to DVD on January...

January 23, 2007

Screening Gotham: Location, Location, Location

Sun looks at Oscar nominees shot in NYC, Brooklyn conflicted over Will Smith's week-long residency

Gosling, Jesus Camp Nab Oscar Noms

New York indies among tough mainstream competition; Scorsese going for first win in six tries

Money Flows in Acquisitions Madness

My Kid, Waitress latest NYC films to pick up distribution at Sundance

Sony Classics Bosses Earn "Indie Mogul" Honors

Bernard and Barker collect hardware, reflect on 25+ years as Sundance regulars

January 24, 2007


Fuller and Sirk have double vision in overlooked, auteur-proof collaboration

Art During Wartime

Art Fag City: WWII doc The Rape of Europa looks at the plunder, destruction and recovery of priceless works

Screening Gotham: Critical of the Oscar Noms

Carpetbagger puts things in perspective, Edelstein is no wuss

Screening Park City: EW Goes B-List

Also: Harvey meets Sloss (again), Rosefelt remembers Shelly

Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky, God Provides

"This massive event was happening so close to us, but what we were seeing did not ring true with us."

Breaking and Entering

Minghella's morality play almost insulting in its soft-headed symmetry

January 25, 2007

Blue in the Face

Peled's sweatshop exposé China Blue traces jeans from teenage laborers' hands to Retail America

"Just Say You're From NPR"

Misery loves company as unemployment documentary Fired! premieres at Cinema Village

Screening Gotham: People Get Paid For This?

Also: Xanadu revived on Broadway, Hoberman reviled at The House Next Door

There's a Catch: You Have to Watch Freedom Writers

AMC giving away free movie to teachers through Feb. 1

Blueprint for Backlash: Carr's Kid Twin Bill

Will sympathy for the Olmsteads overtake film praise and honest questions about art?

Manda Bizarro From Sao Paulo

The sacred, profane and outlandish collide in Jason Kohn's Brazil corruption chronicle Manda Bala

January 26, 2007

Breaking Even

Minghella, Binoche and co. talk about getting personal once again in Breaking and Entering

Smokin' Aces

Everyone loses in Carnahan's grisly mash of ultraviolence and pulpy underworld tropes

Screening Gotham: All-Positive Friday!

Brooklyn teen gets screenplay produced, NYC industry had better year than Hollywood

Glass Reflects on Televised Life

Iconic NPR host describes adapting his radio institution to Showtime

"Enter From the Outside": Norton Lifts Veil at the Y

Actor/producer ends Reel Pieces season with screening and discussion of period drama

Screening Park City: Manohla Keeps it Real

Also: Coming Soon reporter sets rookie record for festival coverage, Sienna Miller empties tear ducts into 500-thread-count Kleenex

January 27, 2007

Kampmeier's Lowdown Hounddog Ad Copy Blues

Filmmaker misspells, malaprops and exploits her way to a free Volkswagen

January 28, 2007

New Yorkers Score Big at Sundance

NYC filmmakers behind Padre Nuestro, Manda Bala and Grace is Gone lead charge at festival awards

January 29, 2007

Screening Gotham: Same Actors Garner Awards

Also: Keaton won't look back, Hitch wouldn't look at Spielberg

January 30, 2007

Screening Gotham: Defiant Underwear Edition

Also: Edelstein comes around on Nader, Factory Girl now being reviewed sight unseen

February Events Madness!

Doc Fortnight, Film Comment Selects, and Oscar second-guessers among city's late-winter highlights

An Unreasonable Man

Much-maligned Ralph Nader gets re-branded in absorbing documentary

Anger Management: Lucky Cinephile Nabs Fireworks Camera

"I'm going to sell it," filmmaker confides to fan with a checkbook

Shocking Footage! Filmmaker Kills Reeler

Stuart meets Miller, hears Jennings before snapping on last night in Park City

February Events Addendum: Stranger Than Fiction Scores Fest Faves

Everything's Cool and The Prisoner to open series' spring season starting Feb. 20

January 31, 2007

Bitter Cinema: Hara Series Opens at Anthology

Retro focuses on castoffs, outsiders and fringes of Japanese society

Screening Gotham: Graydon Stranded in Chicago?

Also: Crunching the numbers on women directors, searching for Hearts with Hickenlooper

NYC Gossips Go Girl Crazy

Miller does her job, which evidently does not include wearing pants or simulating sex

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